TheEDG Data Backbone

Centralizing and Automating Data for Oil & Gas Companies

TheEDG Data Backbone | The Energy Data Group

Our Goals

Operational Efficiency

Automating much of the manual work with data, cutting IT costs. ROI also comes from a reduction in data bottlenecks and delays between departments. Instead of people doing the work of downloading and setting up data, they have more time to analyze it.

Acquisition & Divestiture

Accelerating transactions/presentations. With bank presentation and divestiture, the heavy lifting of data organization happens with TheEDG Data Backbone implementation. This eliminates much of the time-intensive process of gathering data/docs. The output of this data becomes very straightforward. With acquisition, the ingestion of all new data has a systemized process making the absorption faster and more accurate.

Business Process Unchanged

Connecting the database to how your people work. Whether with Spotfire, Excel, etc, they analyze the same way as before with much higher efficiency, not wasting time manipulating, copying, and pasting data.

The Energy Data Group Process

How it works

Stage 1:

Pull existing data together. Connect to existing software to pull in new data. Plan for ingestion of data for acquisition.

Stage 2:

Automate the formatting which is manually done to prepare data for reports.

Stage 3:

Cleanse data, including problems with APIs, creating reports showing precisely what the data is.

Stage 4:

Create outputs of data to existing analytic tools and packaging of divestiture data/documents.

Stage 5:

QC implementation to ensure your data is "premium rock."

Technical Description

Our processes begin by capturing all of your existing data (aka data wrangling), including data which will be used in the future such as large amounts of production/field data. At the same time, we set up your system to create “hooks” into existing software packages, e.g. - Bolo or Tableau, Wellview, Aries, and IHS/DI. By documenting this process, it allows for future ingestion of large amount of data, e.g. acquisition.

What does this all do? The hooks allow for real time downloading and formatting of data, so your teams can analyze what they need without people needing to reconfigure the data. Frequently people have to manually pull data into their workflow, then copy/paste, pivot, eliminate columns etc. We take that all away.

We then eliminate errors in two ways: first with cleansing methods, identifying problems such as duplication of data because of API issues, and second by subtracting the errors that come from people working to format data for use. At the same time, we create reports so they know what they have, showing potential errors, giving your team confidence in what they’re looking at.

Why is it important to generate data files rather than the actual reports? Instead of building a new platform which your employees must learn, they use existing tools (which also keeps ongoing costs in line). In other words, your people use tools they are familiar with to make decisions faster and more accurately. We don’t interrupt your process and how your people go about getting things done.

Equally important, we work closely with you to ensure that you can generate the data and an index of documents needed for banks and divestiture.

We create a solid foundation for you to be able to take the next steps with data. Whether you’re in crawl stage moving to walk or walk looking to run, we prepare your data to be tier 1 rock, a foundation to move you forward with more advanced analytics. And to make sure of this, we take things to completion, 100%, including fully transferring the knowledge to your team. Finally, we believe the improvement of this process includes regular follow up, to see how your internal feedback can improve things specifically for your team.

Summary: Bring all your existing data into a database which connects everything together. Hook this into existing software to automate things. Clean the data. Create the outputs for back office analysis and deals. QA consistently to ensure integrity remains.