Who We Are

From the outset of his Oil and Gas career, Charles Ro recognized the potential for stronger data infrastructure. He began a software company to address some of these issues, with Chris Campbell set to serve as database architect. With the downturn in oil, the project was put on the shelf . . . which wound up being the best thing which could have happened. In that time, Charles realized two things: 1.) There are too many software packages for oil and gas companies. 2.) They ask companies to change how they do things which can become more of a problem than what the software is solving.

Instead, we formed a consultancy to build data warehouses/lakes for upstream companies. Since 80%-90% of our work is repeatable, there is still a high degree of cost efficiency for our clients. But that last 10%-20% is the most important part and differentiates what we do. Rather than companies fitting into software, your data fits into your work. Hence The Energy Data Group was born.


To implement a data infrastructure, TheEDG Data Backbone considerably reduces processing time for bank presentation/acquisition/divestiture and increases back office efficiencies. In other words, we want to partner with you so you don’t have to think about your data the way you did in the past . . . to the point where we become invisible.


We start with transparency to build trust with our clients and with ourselves. We cement the trust by doing only A-level work. No detail is too small in taking a project to 100% completion, with the follow up to ensure things work the way they’re supposed to. We’re dependable, accountable, and prepared, working very hard and very smart.

Our Difference

  • We understand the E&P/operator process and the problems working with different software packages causes. We understand the complexities of acquiring/divesting acreage; our system will streamline this process and the time associated with it.
  • Our unique data infrastructure creates “Premium Rock”, the foundation for big data.
  • Rather than a software package, we have chosen to go the consulting route for 3 reasons: 1.) To not disrupt your process and fit within your workflow 2.) The ability to “wrangle” your data efficiently in a flexible data structure, including absorbing acquisition data 3.) Options with outputs, both for your team’s analysis tools and divestiture.